Thin film solar panels in India are made with “amorphous silicon” at large scales. Though other materials are also used the most popular and affordable range in thin-film solar panels are made from silicon.

These panels are foldable making it easy to maneuver and install. With the capacity to retain sun energy 350 times more because of the silicon material, they provide charge throughout the day.HTB1VC4VHpXXXXbyaXXXq6xXFXXX8.jpg

So is it a good option to install in homes?

Definitely yes!

The solar panels made from silicon are best suited for households as it is used for less power consumption. Though this factor can be a hindrance in the matter of effectiveness and durability, thin-film solar panels are unmatched in the market.

Because thin-film solar panels are designed to be installed in a small work area, or houses or offices where the requirement is regular and not in abundance like in commercial areas, they have a longer life. The best aspect is that it charges very fast, more than any other material that is used to make these solar panels. That is why they stay in demand more than any other panel made in

The cost for repairing the Solar Battery chargers is also quite cheap and affordable. Though the maintenance of such panels is not required for a long period of time if need be, the process itself of changing the affected panels is hassle-free and nominal. These panels also are adjustable and are resistible on rainy days as the panel is waterproof though little care is required in the case of the sensors.

All in all these thin-film solar panels are best for the home environment, saving much of your electricity and at this affordability, and made in mind keeping the Indian standards, it is must to have.