Solar energy is not new. What is new is that it is now very affordable if you are prepared to get your hands dirty for a day. By building your own solar panels, you can start to take advantage of this renewable, clean energy source and start saving on your electricity bills.

Solar energy is 100% reliable, if our planet did not receive this energy, or if the energy increased or dropped significantly, then the earth would more than likely struggle to support mankind. However, some methods regarding how we use solar energy are by no means 100% reliable.

Solar power is still being used today just as it has been used for thousands of years. People in developing countries still heat their water, cook their food and warm their homes with it. But with the invention of electricity mankind now uses solar power to produce electricity. One of the modern techniques to harvest the suns power is through the use of solar panels, with solar panels converting solar rays into electricity.

There are few better rewards than producing clean, free energy for your home. This is an investment not just in saving money, but in the planet and our future.
The “green dream” is by no means a dream. We do have the technology available to provide 100% of a households power supply, yet cost is the bridge that places the green dream a long way away.

During cloudy and rainy days electrical power output from solar panels drop considerably. Its possible though to achieve 100% reliability from solar power, by integrating solar panels with a wind turbine to produce enough electricity for a household. In this regard the sun is a viable and reliable alternative energy source.